Technical Information – Instructions

The following instruction sheets are pdf documents viewable with Adobe Acrobat or Adobe Acrobat Reader. Version 5 or newer is recommended.

Discontinued Models
Base Station / Yagi Beams

A144S5 & A144S10   163kb pdf

A430S10 & A430S15   530kb pdf

A502HB & A504HB   245kb pdf



Base Station / Repeater Antennas

BC103  2 mb pdf

BC920  2.5 mb pdf

CP22E   1005kb pdf

CP5H   822kb pdf

CP62   470kb pdf

CP610   582kb pdf

D130 Series   179kb pdf

D3000N  731kb pdf

F22A   392kb pdf

F23A   1260kb pdf

F23H   1.8 mb pdf
Cut chart

F718A  511kb pdf

F1230A   1005kb pdf


G200   360kb pdf

V2000A   53kb pdf

X50A  1mb pdf

X200A  1.1mb pdf

X300A  & X300NA 1.1mb pdf

X510HDM & X500HDN  1.7mb pdf

X500HA & X500HNA  783kb pdf

X700HA & X700HNA   1648kb pdf

X6000A   36kb pdf

W735 & W8010  36kb pdf



Cable Assemblies

C211   52kb pdf

C101   pdf Coming Soon!

C101NMO   pdf Coming Soon!

C213   pdf Coming Soon!

C213NMO   pdf Coming Soon!


Mobile Antennas

D220   542kb pdf

 542kb pdf

CR8900A   756kb pdf

HF6FX   65kb pdf

HF50CX   69kb pdf

HV7A   159kb pdf

MG200   36kb pdf

MR77   94kb pdf

MV3A   36kb pdf

  104kb pdf
Whip Cut Chart

  121kb pdf


NR22L   60kb pdf

NR7900A   61kb pdf

SG7500   36kb pdf

SG7900   36kb pdf

SD330   1587kb pdf

HF6CL   985kb pdf

HF10CL   985kb pdf

HF15CL   973kb pdf

HF17CL   952kb pdf

HF20CL   953kb pdf

HF30CL   985kb pdf

HF40CL   945kb pdf

HF80CL   952kb pdf



Mobile Antenna Mounts

CRM   Coming soon!

HRKS   761kb pdf

K400   127kb pdf

K400-3/8C   56kb pdf

K400C   29kb pdf

K400CNMO   29kb pdf

K400N   53kb pdf

K400S   52kb pdf

K400SNMO   52kb pdf

K412C   52kb pdf

K412CNMO   52kb pdf

K412S   52kb pdf

K412SNMO   52kb pdf

K515S   124kb pdf

K515SNMO   124kb pdf

K540KM   44kb pdf

K550KM   60kb pdf

K600   94kb pdf

K9000   132kb pdf


Multi-Band HF Antenna

BB7V   398kb pdf

CP6AR   1.197kb pdf

W8010 & W735   789kb pdf

CP5H   639kb pdf

CP8040   258kb pdf


Power / SWR Meters

SX-20C   36kb pdf

SX-40C   40kb pdf

SX-100   1693kb pdf

SX-200 / SX-400   3192kb pdf

SX-600   1570kb pdf

SX-1000   187kb pdf

SX240C   187kb pdf






Diamond® Antennas are sold through authorized dealers.
Contact one of your local Diamond® Antenna Dealers for current price & availability.

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