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Please read before Installation

Base Station Antenna
Diamond base station antennas are pre-tuned to give best performance on the band(s) for which they are designed, and no further adjustment should be attempted.
Exception: CP62 & V2000A require 6m tuning. CP725H, CP5H, CP6, CP6A, CP6AR & CP610 have tuning instructions included.

Base Antennas having Type-N Connector  
Care should be taken to avoid damage of the center pin of antennas having "TYPE-N" base connector. Attempted connection of a PL-259 (UHF) or improperly assembled "N" cable connector can damage the antenna connector. Damage to the antenna connector is not covered by warranty.

Mobile Antenna  
For ease of installation, Diamond Antenna Mobile Mounts are strongly recommended.
In some cases, mobile mounts of different manufacture may not interface well with Diamond Antennas. Diamond Mobile antennas are pre-tuned to give best possible performance on the band(s) for which they are designed. In some installations, minor VSWR adjustment may be made by moving the antenna up/down at the base end. Two set screws at the base allow for adjustment. Do not cut the antenna rods. Use of magnet mounts is not recommended with tall antennas, i.e SG7900A, SG7900ANMO, CR627B, CR627BNMO & HV7A, NR22L, NR7900A. Excessive VSWR may occur with the following antennas if used on a magnet mount: CR320A, CR320BNMO, NR72BNMO, SG7000A, CR8900A, M685S-M685SNMO, HV7A, HF6FX, HF50CX, CR627B, and CR627BNMO, AZ504SP, AZ504FXH.

Click here for additional HF Mobile Installation Tips

Large GVW Truck and Off-Road Vehicles  
Due to the excessive vehicle vibration, antennas exceeding 45" are not recommended. In any event, antennas damaged by excessive vibration are not covered by warranty.

The best time to call for technical help is between 1:00PM and 3PM EST.

Any tampering, cutting or attempted adjustment of the antenna beyond our recommendations may void all warranty. If you have any questions, please call Diamond Customer Service Dept. at (770) 614-7443.



Diamond ™ Antennas are sold through authorized dealers.
Contact one of your local Diamond ™ Antenna Dealers for current price & availability.

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